Month: May 2016

Mindfulness in Parenting

For those who know me, patience has not always been my strongest trait.  It is the one thing that I find myself praying for on a regular basis.  Since starting my journey of mindfulness, I was not only determined to add it to my… Continue Reading “Mindfulness in Parenting”

Mindful Minute

When I decided to start the journey of mindfulness with my students, I knew that I needed to do more than tell them about it.  I knew that it was going to be important to incorporate it into our every day.  Since I teach… Continue Reading “Mindful Minute”

What is Mindfulness?

“The highest function of education is to bring about an integrated individual who is capable of dealing with life as a whole.” – Krishnamurti If you were to google mindfulness it states that it is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on… Continue Reading “What is Mindfulness?”

My Mindful Mission

This is the excerpt for your very first post.