Month: June 2016

Mindfulness in the Summer

School’s out for the summer!  Today is officially day two of vacation and I am happy as can be.  I love my job, but I also love the time that I can be away from it and spend time with my family.  Last summer,… Continue Reading “Mindfulness in the Summer”

Mindful Monday: Wacky Thoughts vs. Realistic Thoughts

As I have mentioned before, so many of my students have anxiety.  Mindfulness was introduced to them as a tool to help in  stressful situations.  My goal has been to give them a tool box when it comes to mindfulness so that they are… Continue Reading “Mindful Monday: Wacky Thoughts vs. Realistic Thoughts”

Mindful Monday: Loving Kindness

Like so many around our country and around the world, I am horribly saddened by the events in Orlando this weekend.  While watching the coverage of the event on TV it made me think about mindfulness, my students, and my own children.  I wonder… Continue Reading “Mindful Monday: Loving Kindness”

Past, Present, and Future Thoughts

For my middle school students, getting them to be “mindful” about how mindful they are is a bit of a challenge.  Since I have started using mindfulness in my classroom, I have worked hard to get them to see how their brains work and… Continue Reading “Past, Present, and Future Thoughts”

Mindful Monday: Body Scan

Today I taught my students how to do a body scan as a relaxation technique.  It is an excellent way to become aware of stress that you may not even realize that you have as well as a great way to relax.  Through a… Continue Reading “Mindful Monday: Body Scan”

Mindful Eating Activity for Kids

When I decided to add mindfulness to my classroom, I knew that it was not going to be something that all kids would immediately buy into.  My students are 11 and 12 years old.  Getting them to buy into bringing a pencil each day… Continue Reading “Mindful Eating Activity for Kids”