Finding the Cause


Recently, while getting my certification in mindfulness, I came across a very interesting concept. This concept is used to help people who suffer from depression and anxiety.  However, the more I read about it, the more I thought about how everyone could really use this.  By now you know that mindfulness is being present in the here and the now.  It is being aware of your thoughts and feelings and not judging them.  However, have you ever been feeling really down or stressed about something, yet you can’t put it into words?  Maybe there is just so much that is going on around you that to pinpoint just one thing is difficult.

The next time you feel like this, take some time to be mindful and think about what the cause is of the feelings that you are having.  Often, we think of the millions of things that we want to accomplish in a day and feel stuck or unable to start.  We may feel down or depressed for a number of reasons but when we really get to the heart of what is really bothering us and think about why we are so bothered.  It may be that the true cause of our stress is that we have a need to please others and feel bad when we don’t.  Being able to get to the core issue can help us to work backwards and help to put our minds at ease.

I believe that this can be such a helpful tool for children.  While it is not something that may be easy for them, learning to sit with their thoughts and feelings and to be mindful about what is truly bothering them can really help to get through life as they mature.  The next time you are uncomfortable with a feeling, try stopping and sitting with the feeling.  Think about the reasons that you may be feeling the way that you do and see if you can get to the cause or the core of the issue.  Usually it will help you to work through your feeling and move past the issue.

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