Mindful Conversations


Yesterday, I had the privilege to be a part of the 2nd Annual Mindful Conversations event at Niagara University.  It was an amazing event that brought educators from Pre-K through college and university level together to discuss how they are using mindfulness in the classroom.  The conversations that we had could have lasted all day and solidified for me just how important it is that we integrate mindfulness into classrooms at every level.

Throughout the event, it was so great to listen to and speak with other educators who had such a passion for helping children to succeed not only academically, but also as good human beings.  Mindfulness is not something that any of the teachers in attendance are being told that they have to teach.  Instead it is something that has been discovered as a tool to help children to get through their days, help with anxiety, learn to focus, assist in managing emotions, and so much more.

Through the discussions, we identified the changes that we are seeing in society due to many factors, especially technology.  It is clear that helping students to nurture relationships and become more mindful with one another is something that is important.  Giving students tools to help to acknowledge their emotions and help to manage them is also something that we know is important as a life long skill.  One of our biggest choices for incorporating mindfulness is the increase in anxiety that we are seeing in our students (and our teachers).

We are planning another event for the first week of August, next year.  Our goal is to create a community of educators who are using mindfulness in their classrooms. It is a way for us to share our experiences and questions.  I am attaching some of the resources from the event HERE.

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