Mindful Coloring

If you are someone who is looking to incorporate just a few things for your students to get started with mindfulness, one thing that I found to be very helpful was mindful coloring.  I know what you are saying…”who has time to let kids color?”  or maybe you are thinking about what your administrator would say if they were to walk in and see your students coloring instead of doing something more meaningful.

Depending on what age group you teach, you may already find that you give your students time to do this kind of activity.  However, teaching middle school, I find that my students are rarely given time to do such activities.  Just think of the last time that you were at the store.  Didn’t you see a wide array of adult color books?  Yes, they are all of the rage!  Why?  Well it is because there is actual science behind taking the time to do something creative and slow paced.  Think about it…it takes you away from the stresses of the day, your technology, and allows you to take a break and rest your brain.  So it only makes sense that students should maybe take advantage of this brain break in their day.

What I have done is make a variety of coloring pages available at a center in my room.  Students have access to colored pencils as well.  If they have completed all of their work and have some extra time in class, they can choose to either read from a book of their choice for a while (I am a reading teacher!) or take a mindful break to color.  The kids LOVE that this is an option.  I have seen students take a break and color and leave looking so much more relaxed.

You can find coloring pages all over.  I have gotten some from teacherspayteachers.com, by googling “mindful coloring pages” or from books.

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