Month: July 2018


In my attempt to have a mindful summer and do more mindful activities, I accepted an invitation from a friend to try a new yoga class.  I had tried yoga in the past and have wanted to find a class that would be more… Continue Reading “Yoga”

Chi Gong

This week I found myself trying some new things.  As part of my mindful mission, I have tried to immerse myself in whatever I can to help me to become more mindful, peaceful, compassionate and still.  I love to learn new things and think… Continue Reading “Chi Gong”


This summer, my goal has been to really sink into mindfulness and make it even more of a daily habit for myself.  I try to start each morning by getting up early, going out onto my deck and do some kind of meditation exercise. … Continue Reading “Breathing”

Mindful Classes

In my last blog, I highlighted the book Hacking School Culture: Designing Compassionate Classrooms by Angela Stockman and Ellen Feig Gray.  If you have not gotten copy of this book yet, get yourself onto Amazon and do it!  In addition, Angela and Ellen have… Continue Reading “Mindful Classes”