Chi Gong

This week I found myself trying some new things.  As part of my mindful mission, I have tried to immerse myself in whatever I can to help me to become more mindful, peaceful, compassionate and still.  I love to learn new things and think about ways that I can incorporate them into my classroom.

I was introduced to Chi Gong (or Qi Gong as it is sometimes referred) by a friend whom I have been researching mindfulness with for a while.  She is a yogi and has practiced yoga for a while.  She has been training in Chi Gong for a while now and in our conversations really sparked my interest.  While i am relatively new to yoga, I sometimes found that yoga did not relax me the way that I wanted it to (it did not help that I jumped right into power yoga versus starting with something more restorative.)  Chi Gong is a practice that mixes yoga with Tai Chi.  Instead of holding the poses like you would with yoga, you create flow through movement.  There is a lot of discussion about energy and Chi Gong is thought to be a basis for acupuncture and acupressure due to the focus on chakras.  This class is about movement and flow and really was such an amazing change to the typical workouts that I have done.  It is something for both the young and the old as it does not require you to get up and down off of the floor.  You can practice any of the flows from a seated or standing position.

After doing this class, it made me think of the benefits this mindful movement could have for my students.  We know that movement is so beneficial for kids especially when they have been sitting for hours on end in school.  Connecting mindfulness and movement could really be a wonderful way to give them a brain break while also giving them time to move and stretch.  In a time when recess seems to be scarce, this could be a wonderful alternative!

If you are local (WNY area) and would like to know more about Chi Gong classes, please message me or send me an email so that I can share the class information with you!

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