Happy New Year!

Happy 2019!! I love the start of a new year for all of the reasons that you hear about. This year, I have really taken time to reflect on 2018. I have hit that point in my life where time seems to be flying by way too fast. My oldest child just turned 16 and is now driving. While I was decorating for the holidays, I came across some photos and our first Christmas card after having him. My heart skipped a beat thinking about how quickly the time has gone by. I even said to my husband that I had a feeling like I could not even remember the years when he was small. That moment was a wake up and a conviction to continue on this mindful mission.

This year, I am going to try even harder to do more with my mindfulness practice. As I looked back on this year with some sadness for how quickly time has gone, I also felt very blessed to be able to say that I have changed in some very positive ways thanks to my mindfulness practice. I have been “in the moment” much more and feel that my practice has made me a much more calm and rational person in moments of stress. I have found a love for yoga and have seen it change my life in so many ways. I have also had many doors open for me to be able to share mindfulness and all that it has done for myself and my students with more people. I a truly fortunate.

This year, I am going to stay the path and continue to study and practice mindfulness as much as I can. To start the year, I am going to go back and reread two books that have been inspirational to me and my mindfulness practice. If you have not read them, I highly recommend them! They are The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer and The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hahn. Both of these authors have been instrumental in the mindfulness movement and their books give such insight into so many aspects of the practice and life in general.

Also in this new year, I would like to connect more with those of you who are reading this blog. I want to hear about how you are using mindfulness either in your own life or in your classroom. I welcome your comments on anything that I write (it is nice to know that people are actually reading it!) and also welcome an email (mekellymurphy@gmail.com) if you have questions! Happy New Year!!

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