Mindfulness Resources for Teachers and Students While Teaching from Home

If you are a teacher, you may be spending your weekend making a plan for the lessons that you may share with your students virtually. In my state, we have not officially closed schools yet, but we are being told to at least plan for it. When I spoke to my students about this possibility on Friday, I told them that in addition to sending assignments (and yes I promised to send fun assignments!!) I would also send a mindfulness video. I cannot tell you how positive the response was to that. So many of them were so glad to still be able to do our mindful minute even if we were not together! My plan is to create a short video daily with a short mindful activity for them to do and even share with their families. Imagine if we could get whole families practicing mindfulness at such a trying time! So, please stop back to this blog daily starting Monday! I will post the videos that I create for my class for you to use with your own students if you would like! I am also working on a list of FREE mindfulness resources for all of us to use. While many educational companies are starting to provide free resources for teachers, so are mindfulness companies. I will have a list of those resources tomorrow!! In the meantime, please stay healthy and enjoy this time with your family!!

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