The Good

I am one of the lucky ones. I am a mom and a teacher. I get to work from home and be with my children. I know that right now it is hard for some people to find the good in what is happening, but from the minute we started to shut down and hear more and more of the bad news, I began to see the good things that were happening. Let me preface this with the fact that I don’t always see the good in everything. I strive for it, but am not always good at it.

However, here is what I have seen…I have seen more families out for walks. I have heard more people saying hello to one another rather than just putting on headphones and putting their heads down. I have seen people stop and talk (from a safe distance) in the grocery store. I have seen my colleagues come together to create great lessons for kids. I have seen companies come out of the woodwork to provide kids, parents, and teachers free and fun resources. I have seen social media posts with amazing stories of how people are getting together to sing, workout (from a distance) and get through all of this together. While these are scary times, I truly feel as though so much good is going to come from this time of struggle.

As a mom, I am looking forward to making this break a time of recharge. As a family we have already started to reconnect and have more fun together. This is typically a VERY busy time for my family where we seem to be like ships passing in the night. This time together is actually such a blessing (ok I know what you thinking…it is day three…so please check back on day 5 and see if I am saying the same thing!! hehe). I look forward to teaching my children new things and spending quality time with them. I feel like I have been gifted with the time that I always wish for to get life back together.

As a teacher, I am looking forward to planning some fun for my students. I know that they are stressed out. I know that some of them are taking on the roles of care givers in their own homes. I plan to give them resources that will help them to continue their learning, but I am not planning to stress them out and give them crazy amounts of work. My plans include giving them a mindfulness activity each day to help to reduce the stress and anxiety they are feeling. I hope that they will share this with other members of their family. I hope to give them fun. I hope to give them peace of mind. I know that so many teachers out there are trying to cram curriculum into new formats. It is daunting work. However, let’s remember that there is no replacement for what we do every day when we are face to face with our students. We need to find new ways to connect with them and let them know that we are still thinking about them and still care. That should be the focus.

I know that not everyone is seeing the silver lining in all of this. Again, I know that I am blessed to be sitting in my position. There are many nurses and doctors, grocery store workers, first responders, and many others who are working more and with their families less. To you I say, THANK YOU!!!! We are thinking of you and praying for you!! We will all get through this together!!

Staring later today, I will begin posting a different mindfulness activity for my students (and anyone looking for a brain break!) Stop back!! I have also provided a list of mindfulness resources in my last post. Stay safe and healthy!!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!!!

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