Mindful Minute – Listening

Click HERE for mindful minute video

Each day, each class period, I start with a mindful minute with my students. We do this to settle in and take a brain break. It is also the time that we use to focus on being in the moment so that we can do our best in class. Each time we do this activity, I try to give the students different ways to complete the task as each are different. I teach 6th grade, so sitting still and listening to your breathe is not easy or calming for some. We have discussed what anchors each of us. For some it is sound. Those tend to the be the people that love to sleep with a fan on even in the middle of winter just for the sound. Others like the anchor of breathing, while others like the idea of feeling.

Today, I started with sound. In the video that I posted for my students, I was outside. It is not warm here in NY, but it is sunny and the birds are singing!! My goal is to encourage everyone to get outside a bit, but to also have students learn to stop and listen.

I use an app called Insight Timer for my mindful minute routine. The app is free and allows you to set a timer with a beginning and end sound for your exercises. It is an excellent tool, especially so that you can participate along with your students. Click HERE to see the exercise for today! (Disclaimer: I am not a professional producer! These videos are VERY homemade!! I apologize for the goofy faces!!)

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