Sending Loving Kindness

Today I woke up and for a split second had forgotten what was really going on in the world. However, within that split second it all hit me again. If you are like me, this all seems surreal. It is hard to be stuck in a house without the ability to help others. I commend so much the work of the first responders, the doctors and nurses that are on the front lines, the people working at grocery stores to ensure everyone has what they need, the people making and distributing lunches to the many school kids who are stuck at home, and so many other selfless people out there. So, this became my inspiration for today’s mindful minute.

I decided to record a loving kindness mindful minute for my students today. I miss them and I know that there must be many of them who are struggling with this time away. I know that my own children are starting to break a bit. They miss the connection with their friends. I miss the connection with my friends, students and coworkers.

I hope that this exercise helps to ease some of what you may be feeling and also helps to fill the world with some positive vibes. Enjoy!! Click here for the latest video!

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