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Hello! Well, it has been nearly a full week of quarantine. I hope that you all of you reading this are staying healthy and taking care of yourselves. Being on a mission to find whatever good that I can coming from this pandemic, I have begun to take advantage of the many free resources that wonderful companies are sharing. Here is a list of some more that I have found:

Calm – The Calm app has a blog that has a page of free resources built just for this time. It is an amazing resource!!

Ten Percent Happier – The people from this app have created a a resource called the Corona Sanity Guide with some meditations, articles and more.

Headspace – This app is giving a free trial and also has the great page with guided meditations for worry and anxiety to deal with the times we are in.

Stop, Breathe, Think Blog – This page is geared mostly toward teachers and students, but has great tools for just about anyone.

In addition to these resources, check out my earlier post with great apps to use for your own mindfulness practice. Don’t forget to stop by here at My Mindful Mission regularly as I will be updating my blog daily with new videos and mindfulness activities! Stay healthy!!!

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