4 Square Breathing

Many of us are feeling the stress of this current situation. It is hard not to when you turn on the television and have statistics running along the side of every channel. I have been hearing from some of my students and hearing about how they are a little anxious as well. My own children, especially my youngest, is having a really hard time. She misses playing with friends, misses her teacher tremendously and just would love life to go back to the way that it was.

One breathing exercise that has been so helpful in times of high stress or anxiety is one called 4 square breathing. This breathing technique helps to calm the nervous system.

Here is how it works…inhale for the count of four….hold for the count of four…exhale for the count of four….hold for the count of four. Doing this 4-8 times will help to reset your mood, calm the amygdala, and help you to relax.

Check out my video where I practice this technique with my daughter!

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