Mindful Minute – Counting Your Breath

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My students and I start nearly every class period with a mindful minute. I love that they have taken to it so well. I even got a note from a substitute when I was out one day that told me that the students asked if they could do the mindful minute even though I was not there. That made my day!

In this exercise, I have my students practice noticing their breath. I have tell them to pay attention to the inhale and the exhale. I then have the count how many complete breaths that they take in a minute. This exercise helps in two ways. One, it helps them to focus on their breathing which is an anchor for some. Second, it helps them to know approximately how many breaths they take in a minute so that they can sit down and do it wherever they are. This way they do not need a timer or an app to do this relaxing exercise. Over time, I have the students do this again to see if they have been able to calm their breathing as we work to practice daily.

Click here to do your own mindful minute. Take some time today to do something for yourself. Find a little peace!

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