Take Time to Notice

With all that is going on, it is a challenge to stop and just take in what is around us. As I sit here typing, the sun is coming up and my house is peaceful and quiet. I can tell you that just minutes ago as I was hurrying to put all of the aspects of my online lesson for the day together, I did not notice any of beauty or peace around me. Now I do and it has changed everything about how I am breathing, how my shoulders feel (a lot less tense) and my mood.

Stopping to notice what is around us a great mindfulness technique. It brings us into the moment and helps us remember that pausing is so beneficial to our well being. In the podcast that I listened to you yesterday, Jesse Israel the presenter mentioned that studies have shown that we take in as much information in a day that our ancestors used to take in over a lifetime. When you think of it that way, you can understand why we need to pause and simply take in our surroundings. I hope that you find today’s mindful minute video helpful! Enjoy!!

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