Nagging Thoughts

Many of the people that I have spoken to lately have talked about how stressed they are feeling. Whether they are worried about themselves or loved ones getting ill or they are stressed with the new reality of working from home with their families in the house with them, people are having fears, worry and stress. Our children are having a tough time with the uncertainty. They don’t know when we will go back to school, when they will be able to play with friends, and when the world will go back to the way that they knew it. Sadly, as the adults, we don’t have an answer either.

This exercise is one to help kids and adults to deal with those nagging thoughts. One of the key objectives of mindfulness is to learn that we are not going to clear our minds every time we sit still. There will be many times that our minds are full of thoughts. When this happens, learning to sit with the thoughts and allow them to happen is important. Even more important, learning to sit with the thoughts and then let them go is helpful.

In this exercise, I encourage you to NOTICE anything that may come up, sit with ALLOW the thought to be there and then let it GO. Training our brains to react differently to the thoughts we have can be very beneficial. It allows us to be less judgmental with ourselves and hopefully we are able to transfer that to how we deal with others. It also teaches us to pause before our reactions and allows us to remember that we are ultimately in control of our thoughts.

Click here to view this Nagging Mindful Minute.

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