Finding your Anchor

If you have been reading my blogs, you know that I have suffered with anxiety pretty much my entire life. Finding mindfulness and yoga has been the medicine that I have needed to overcome so many anxious moments. Notice that I say moments. I, like so many, still find myself anxious about a lot. In these times, I feel like a boat on the ocean with my worries. Some days seem great and the ocean is calm. Others have moments where the waves are enormous. Last night was a night of enormous waves.

Last night, I happened to catch a glimpse of the news (I have been trying not to listen to it if at all possible). There was talk about how the plans are in place for us to go about opening everything up. While the last thing that I want is to be under quarantine forever, I do REALLY hope that we go about this opening in a very logical, well planned, safe way. When I started to think about schools being opened soon and everyone just going about their business again soon, I started to feel the ocean waves rising.

And then, just like that, just like so many things happen, I learned a new way to handle that wave. I have recently started my yoga certification. Today in class, we talked about focusing on our anchor. We did an amazing breathing exercise that helped to be in the present moment. It reminded me why mindfulness is so important. Long ago, I learned that living in the past can sometimes make us depressed. Living in the future will sometimes create anxiety. Living in the present moment is what we all need to do to make sure that we are balanced. (This is actually a beautiful quote about this from Lao Tzu). Anchors and meant to steady a ship and keep it from floating away. It keeps the boat in the present moment. Our breath can do the same.

This helped to remind me that with this pandemic and every crisis in our lives, we need not worry about will will happen in the future or what we have already done in the past. None of that can be changed. The only thing that we have control over is the right here and right now. It does me no good to worry about what is going to happen when everything is reopened. The only thing that I can do is enjoy my family right now and the time that we have together.

I recorded this anchor breathing exercise for you if you would like to try it.

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  1. Anxiety was one of the main reasons I started the mindful journey. I’m glad you have found your anchor in this time of need. If only so many more would open themselves up to this helpful practice.

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