“The Great RealiSation”

If you have been following my blog, you know that I have written a few posts about how I am hopeful that we will all learn something positive from this situation that we are in. While my 8 year old calls it a “crisis”, we talk about how lucky we are at the time for so many reasons. I know that there is a lot of negativity and a lot of pain right now, but my hope is that we all come out of this time having changed the way we do things and how we look at the world.

I asked my 6th graders to write letters to their future selves. I asked that they write with hopes for the future. As I started reading these letters this morning and was moved to tears, a poet was spotlighted on TV. It was so moving and exactly what I have been thinking about this time that I wanted to share it with you if you have not seen it.

So, please take a few minutes and watch. It is so worth the time!! Enjoy!!

Here is the link……The Great Realisation.

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