Virtual Mindfulness Room

Well, here we are at week 1000 of virtual teaching and learning. While that is a complete exaggeration, that is how I feel some days. Some days I really love it and others I loathe it. As a teachers, I miss my students. I do, however, love some of the aspects of what we have gotten to do together. Some of my students seem to have opened up more since going to this platform. Some are really enjoying it and flourishing. However, for many, I miss seeing them on a regular basis and feel as though I may not be reaching them as well as I could if we were face to face.

As for my own children, it has become an uphill battle. As I have mentioned before, my youngest misses her teachers and friends more than anything. She has the BEST third grade teacher on the planet and this was going to be an amazing year. She is sad and does not think that I am anywhere as good as her teacher was when it comes to fractions. She hates online work and I hear about it all of the time. The same goes for my older children. They are in high school and can see through the system at this point. They know that they can work day and night to do their best on assignments and they will get the same grade as the kids who don’t bother to do anything. They have figured it out and they are ready to be done for the year.

For all of us, teachers and students, this has been a challenge. Although, I would have to say that as a collective whole we have done an amazing job! You won’t hear about it on the news or from anyone in the media, but teachers and kids have done amazing things with this pandemic! However, it has not come without a lot of stress and worry!

A few weeks ago, I decided to jump on the bitmoji bandwagon and start creating fun backgrounds for my students. They are 6th graders and were not nearly as impressed as I thought that they would be. However, it got me thinking about how I could use this for mindfulness as well. So, with some inspiration from others, I created a virtual mindfulness room. It is everything that I wish that I could create in my actual school and more!

So if you are looking for some mindfulness and want to have a little fun, check it out!! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do! Namaste! Here is the link

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