Spreading Loving Kindness

Here we are in the last week of Virtual Learning. It does not feel at all like the end of the school year typically feels like. It all seems so strange.

I remember writing a blog post so close the beginning of this experience where I was so hopeful that we would not go back to the way we had always done things prior to the pause, but instead come out of the pause a much different and better society. Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted then what is happening in our world now.

Lately my heart has been so heavy with all that is happening in our world. So many people angry and brokenhearted. So much violence and negativity. It is hard to watch and it is hard to sit with.

Today, I taught my first every yoga class. I am training to become a certified yoga teacher and need to do a lot of practice before I do it for “real”. When I was getting ready for the class to start I was sitting with why I was doing this. I don’t want to teach yoga and mindfulness to get rich and make a lot of money. I want to do this to be able to give peace and relaxation to a hurting world. I want to be able to calm others so that they may be able to go out into the world and be kind and gentle. I want to spread loving kindness with this gift that I have learned.

This made me think of an earlier guided meditation that I posted here. It is titled “loving kindness”. I hope that you will take some time to try it out and send some loving kindness out into the world. Not just to the people that you love and hold dear, but those who may also be hard to love right now. We all need more love and more kindness!

Click HERE for the meditation…..enjoy!

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