2021 – The Year of Nourishment

Happy New Year! While I know that most are happy to have 2020 behind them, I have to say that I am not completely upset with how the year turned out. Please do not get me wrong…there were plenty of ups and downs, bumps and bruises, disappointments and just all around bad days in 2020. However, for me, I found it to be a time of self investment and learning. I was able to take some time to learn a lot about myself and about new passions. It was definitely an uphill battle, but one that I am finding some joy in. I will count them as blessings.

As the new year is still ringing in the first new days, there is a lot of talk of resolutions, planet alignment, and all things that we are hoping and praying will improve in the new year. For many years, I would make a list of resolutions that I, like so many others, would give up on by week 2. This year, after a lot of thought and reflection, have decided that I am going to go with a word. Yes..just a word that will be my mantra for the new year. That word is …NOURISH.

This past year, I enrolled in a 200 hr YTT. Had you told me in January of 2020 that would be something that I would do, I would have thought that you were crazy. However, it turned into the greatest thing that I have ever decided to do for myself. I fell in love with everything about yoga and all of the philosophies that the training taught me. I read tons of books, watched a million videos, participated in live classes and taught hours of yoga. The feeling that I got when I earned that certificate…well there are not words for it. That led me to sign up for a 300 hr YTT through the same amazing school and it has been just as fulfilling and life changing and the last training, if not more. I have learned so much about myself and have learned that the only way to truly be grounded and at peace is to nourish myself mind, body, and soul.

So often we think of nourishment in terms of what we eat and drink. However, nourishment is part of everything that we do. When we read a great book we are nourishing our mind. When we listen to great music and lose ourselves in the words or melody we are nourishing our mind and spirit. When we have great conversation with someone, we are also nourishing our mind and spirit in ways that we sometimes forget about. Taking a walk in nature on a beautiful day is nourishment for mind, body and soul. So what if that was our goal each day? What if we were intentional in our choices to ensure that what we are choosing to spend our precious time on…our one precious day….was on the things that nourish us mind, body and spirit. When something does not feel good in one of those areas, maybe we decide to say no and take a nap instead. Maybe when we want to each a whole bag of M&M’s, we reach for something more nourishing (although sometimes you just need some M&M’s!)

I look forward to sharing so much with you this year. Please stop back often to read my blog, take an online yoga class, or just be nourished. I hope that I can find ways to help you to nourish yourself mind, body and soul! Namaste!

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