Yin Yoga Classes

Have you heard? Yin is in!! Yin yoga is the perfect counterbalance to your yang lifestyle. If you have never heard of yin yoga, it is probably because it is a very different concept that the traditional vinyasa types of yoga that most people are familiar with. Yin Yoga targets the Yin tissues or fascia, joints and bones. In this type of yoga participants work with a set of positions that mostly take place on the ground. This yoga is something that everyone can do because there are a lot of accommodations for each of the poses so that you are in charge of your practice.

Yin Yoga is also very meditative. While holding the poses for 2-5 minutes, you are able to focus on the sensations of the body and the breathe. So, grab some pillows, a blanket, some warm clothes and join me for a beginners class.

If you are interested in giving this a try, feel free to sign up for a FREE class starting Monday, January 18th at 7pm through zoom! Visit the Yoga Class page on this website for registration.

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