Chair Yoga

So we do a lot of sitting these days. My job went from one where I was on my feet all day to one where I sit behind a number of computers looking more like I am landing planes than teaching middle school kids. I hate how much I sit. It has made me feel so much less healthy. It is amazing how exhausting sitting all day can be as well!

I recently received my certification in chair yoga and am so happy that I have learned this amazing type of yoga. I have taken many classes myself, but was so excited to learn a multitude of ways to do yoga with people of all abilities.

I decided to introduce some chair yoga to my students last week and they LOVED it! I have always known that yoga was amazing, but seeing them enjoy it as much as they did was very exciting.

I have created a short chair yoga flow video to share with anyone who may be looking to get a little stretch in during the day. It is perfect for a short break in your day. If you are a teacher, it is perfect to share with your students to give them a break in their day! I hope that you enjoy!

Want to try a class for yourself? Check out my yoga class schedule for regularly scheduled chair yoga classes.

Chair Yoga Video

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