Team Tatiana Foundation

This summer, I am so honored to have the opportunity to bring awareness to The Team Tatiana Foundation. Tatiana was a sweet soul who was dedicated to becoming a social worker. Last year, Tatiana fought a mighty battle against Covid-19. Ultimately, she lost her battle to the terrible disease. Tatiana’s family and friends have worked hard to create the Team Tatiana Foundation where they hope to carry on her legacy and dedication to those in need. This foundation’s goal is to fill in where she would’ve stepped in as a social worker and help kids thrive in whatever way possible, easing their daily challenges or whatever they may face.

You can help me to promote the work of this group by simply attending any of my yoga classes. For every paid participant in any of my classes, I will donate $1 to this foundation. You were amazing at helping me raise $100 for the Amherst Tiger’s Den Food Bank in Amherst, NY. Let’s help spread Tatiana’s legacy as well!

Please look for upcoming classes and a donation based class to benefit The Tatiana Foundation! Visit the “yoga classes” page here on the site to register!

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