Relaunching 716 Yoga

When I first started the journey toward my yoga certifications and eventually building a business, I was not completely sure what my specialty or niche would be. In all honesty, when I first started taking my yoga certification classes, it was not because I thought that I would be a yoga teacher, but instead I wanted to learn all that I could about ever aspect of yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

As we crawled through the last year and a half, not only have my priorities changed, but my vision has become so much clearer. I have continued to be a student of yoga and meditation and am always coming back to the same mindset…we all need to slow down and start to enjoy life.

So in developing my business, planning for my classes and really thinking about what is important for me to share with the world, I have found that I truly want to help others to slow down and learn to be in the moment. I want to encourage others to take time for themselves without feeling guilt or shame. 716 Yoga is here to provide classes and opportunities to learn slow flow yoga that will help you to pay close attention to your body while doing something good and healthy for it. I want all of the yogis that come to my classes to have an experience where they can learn to be still, calm their mind, and do what is best for themselves.

My classes are not strenuous and do not require previous yoga training. In fact, if you have never done yoga and are hesitant, I encourage you to take one of my classes to see what you think. I believe strongly that yoga is for everyone and EVERY BODY. Classes will focus on meditation and mindfulness and move into slow flow poses. I also offer yin yoga classes, restorative yoga, chair yoga and mindfulness meditation classes.

In a world where we are pulled in so many directions and after a year of uncertainty, we all need to return to the basics. We need to take a break from our phones and computer screens and take back the time to do something good for our body, mind and spirit. More importantly, we need to make this a priority and learn that taking time for ourselves and self care is one of the most beneficial things we can do as parents, teachers, care givers, students, etc. No more feeling guilty for scheduling time away to do something for ourselves!

I hope that you will join me in a class or two to see what we have to offer. I look forward to slowing down with you!

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