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Introducing – 716 Yoga

I am so excited to announce my newest adventure…716 Yoga! As you may know, I have been working for a while to become a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher. The dream has come true and I am certified and teaching! I believe strongly that… Continue Reading “Introducing – 716 Yoga”

“The Great RealiSation”

If you have been following my blog, you know that I have written a few posts about how I am hopeful that we will all learn something positive from this situation that we are in. While my 8 year old calls it a “crisis”,… Continue Reading ““The Great RealiSation””

Anxiety, Expectations, and Pressing Pause

This unprecedented time has been teaching me something new every day. Every day I try to find out what I can take away from this pandemic. My most recent revelation is that my anxiety is heightened by my expectations. I don’t know about you,… Continue Reading “Anxiety, Expectations, and Pressing Pause”

Nagging Thoughts

Many of the people that I have spoken to lately have talked about how stressed they are feeling. Whether they are worried about themselves or loved ones getting ill or they are stressed with the new reality of working from home with their families… Continue Reading “Nagging Thoughts”

Mindful Minute – Counting Your Breath

Click here for the latest mindful minute video! My students and I start nearly every class period with a mindful minute. I love that they have taken to it so well. I even got a note from a substitute when I was out one… Continue Reading “Mindful Minute – Counting Your Breath”

An Explanation of Mindfulness to Help with this Stressful Time

Each day during the week, I will be posting mindfulness activities for my students. We typically start each class period with a mindful minute. When I am not there, they have asked the substitutes if they can still do them. When I mentioned to… Continue Reading “An Explanation of Mindfulness to Help with this Stressful Time”

Your Practice

One of the things that I share with teachers that I have trained is that the number one important element to adding mindfulness to your classroom is making sure that you have your own personal practice. In order to really have an appreciation for… Continue Reading “Your Practice”

Teachers – This is for you!

Happy New School Year! Here we are in October of a new school year! It is the month that we typically start to feel like we have settled in for the year. You may be feeling a little less adventurous with your planning and… Continue Reading “Teachers – This is for you!”

Happy New Year!

Happy 2019!! I love the start of a new year for all of the reasons that you hear about. This year, I have really taken time to reflect on 2018. I have hit that point in my life where time seems to be flying… Continue Reading “Happy New Year!”

Mindfulness During the Holidays

The holidays are my favorite time of year.  I love everything about Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I am “one of those” who loves to start listening the Christmas music right around the day after Halloween.  For me, it is one big magical season that all… Continue Reading “Mindfulness During the Holidays”