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Don’t think you can meditate? Yes you CAN!!

If you are at all like me, when I first started my mindfulness practice, I thought that I was really bad at it. The first few times I sat down to do a meditation practice I thought that there was never going to be… Continue Reading “Don’t think you can meditate? Yes you CAN!!”


This summer, my goal has been to really sink into mindfulness and make it even more of a daily habit for myself.  I try to start each morning by getting up early, going out onto my deck and do some kind of meditation exercise. … Continue Reading “Breathing”

My Mindful Mission- A School Year In Review

So, as all good intentions have it, I had planned to write about all that I was doing in my classroom with mindfulness.  As the year went on, I found myself feeling completely overwhelmed and preoccupied with all that I was trying to do.… Continue Reading “My Mindful Mission- A School Year In Review”