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Mindfulness, Emotions, and Virtual Hugs

Today has been a rough day. From the moment that I woke up, I have been filled with emotions. Tears have come very easy on and off all morning. It all started with my morning mindfulness session. I typically meditate every morning. One thing… Continue Reading “Mindfulness, Emotions, and Virtual Hugs”

Teachers, Students, Parents, EVERYONE – You Deserve Rest!

Today was one of those days that I needed to take a walk…by myself. During this quarantine time, we have been taking family walks every day. However, this morning I needed some alone time. I felt guilty as I took off by myself. Then,… Continue Reading “Teachers, Students, Parents, EVERYONE – You Deserve Rest!”

Chi Gong

This week I found myself trying some new things.  As part of my mindful mission, I have tried to immerse myself in whatever I can to help me to become more mindful, peaceful, compassionate and still.  I love to learn new things and think… Continue Reading “Chi Gong”


This summer, my goal has been to really sink into mindfulness and make it even more of a daily habit for myself.  I try to start each morning by getting up early, going out onto my deck and do some kind of meditation exercise. … Continue Reading “Breathing”

Mindfulness in the Classroom – Setting the Stage

One of the most asked questions I have gotten from other teachers who are trying to start a mindfulness practice in their classroom is “how do you get everyone on board?”  The simple answer is…you don’t.  Introducing mindfulness to my sixth graders has been… Continue Reading “Mindfulness in the Classroom – Setting the Stage”

Mindfulness in the Classroom – The Importance of Science Based Research

Mindfulness, in my opinion, is one of the most effective things I have added to my classroom.  After teaching for more than 20 years, I have been to countless PD workshops on many topics, but nothing has done more for my students than this.… Continue Reading “Mindfulness in the Classroom – The Importance of Science Based Research”

Mindfulness in the Classroom – Getting Started – Practice Mindfulness for Yourself

When I first started my mission to understand mindfulness, I did so because I wanted to find something that would help my overly anxious students.  As I have written in previous posts, I was seeing a trend in my students that was really frightening.… Continue Reading “Mindfulness in the Classroom – Getting Started – Practice Mindfulness for Yourself”

Mindfulness Conversations 2017 Highlights

Last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to spend the day with other educators from around WNY and Canada discussing mindfulness and our schools.  We held our 3rd annual “Mindfulness Conversations” event.  I love this event because it was put together by teachers, professors, and… Continue Reading “Mindfulness Conversations 2017 Highlights”

My Mindful Mission- A School Year In Review

So, as all good intentions have it, I had planned to write about all that I was doing in my classroom with mindfulness.  As the year went on, I found myself feeling completely overwhelmed and preoccupied with all that I was trying to do.… Continue Reading “My Mindful Mission- A School Year In Review”

Mindful Conversations

Yesterday, I had the privilege to be a part of the 2nd Annual Mindful Conversations event at Niagara University.  It was an amazing event that brought educators from Pre-K through college and university level together to discuss how they are using mindfulness in the… Continue Reading “Mindful Conversations”